Ryan '"Ko" Cunningham and Lindsey Mandel have successfully launched RollinGreens, a mobile food truck specializing in World Cuisine, recently focusing on Asian-Mexican Fusion, bringing the focus on quality, local and organic ingredients from the farm to curbside. They will provide food for those with dietary restrictions, food allergies and those who just want to eat better for themselves and their family. They are making their menu items affordable and will offer a variety. Where gourmet meets the streets!

The RollinGreens team is made up of two young entrepreneurs, who have access to some of the most cutting edge technology and cooking methods in the business. Ryan Cunningham and Lindsey Mandel have grown up in entrepreneurial and foodie families. Ryan Cunningham has been a personal chef for over ten years, and his cooking knowledge mixed with a zest for business and determination from Lindsey Mandel, makes for an unbeatable team.

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